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How to start a website with no budget?

Building a website is no longer the domain of code monkeys or rich businessmen. Anyone with a decent idea can start one with little to no investment. You can get a decent website up and running for just $50.
But if you want to start from the ground up with zero cash, even that is possible, if you are willing to make a few compromises.
In this article, we will show you how to create a website without worrying about buying a domain name or website hosting.

The best way to start a free website is to start a blog on blogger.com or wordpress.com. Blogger.com offers a simple interface and you can customise a few things to make the blog match your personality.
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WordPress.com also offers similar features with limited customisation options. If you are familiar with publishing on any WordPress site, using this service will be a breeze. Another alternate is Wix. You can create a good-looking site using Wix’s free service. The first step is to sign up for one of these services and then create a name for your site. It could be your brand name or a set of keywords for your niche.
Once the name is set up, start withthe look and feel customisation. Our suggestion would be to make a few changes at a time and see how it looks. Do not go crazy with color schemes and special effects. A simple black font over a white background is enough to get started. The key to online success lies in the content. Spend a lot of time writing interesting content that helps your visitors.
For example, if you are an expert in public speaking, give tips on how to overcome the fear of public speaking. Once your basic content of 4-5 pages is ready, it is time to market your site. When you have zero budget, the best way to market your website is through social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. Start a page on Facebook and put some teaser content in posts and provide links to your site.
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Answering questions on your niche’s forums and boards is another way to generate traffic. Within your answer to the question, add a link to your site for those who want to read more. This kind of marketing will drive traffic to your site. Do it regularly and you will see your visitor count increase.
At the end of each article, give them a call to action. You can either sell a product, ask them to call you for an appointment or something else. It is important to give them a purpose at the end of their reading. This way, you can convert some of your visitors into leads or sales.
Using the money from such sales, you can buy a domain and a decent website hosting and do this on a bigger scale. This no-cost approach is a great way to test an idea without spending any money. If it works, scale it up, if it doesn’t, throw it away and try another one.
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