5 Interesting Ways to Promote Your New Explainer Videos

3D Explainer Video

Now that you are done with your explainer video, it is time to finally launch it! Here are 5 interesting ways you can use to promote your new explainer videos!


People want to watch videos all the time! We search for videos online to help make buying decisions, we search for videos to discover more information about a certain brand, we watch reviews, and etc. According to one research, by the end of this year, the video content will account more than 70% of all internet traffic. At this point, we would like to say that a great video is a fine way to get more visitors to your site, increase the traffic, and maximize your sales.


If you have finally created your explainer video that’s great, but you shouldn’t stop there. It is time to find an interesting way to launch the video. You need to find the most creative way to promote your new video and let the world know about it.

Here are 5 ideas that will stimulate your creativity and help you find the best way to promote the video:


  1. Email Outreach or Video Links – Like every company, you probably create a monthly newsletter that is full of video marketing tips, helpful content, client success stories, and information for the creative directories, suppliers, clients, and etc. A monthly newsletter is an incredible opportunity for promoting your new video. Everyone will see it as let’s face it – who does not use email today, no one, right?
  2. Tweet the Video – Twitter is a great social media platform and it is not just a place to share a few words up to 140 characters. It is a place where you can promote your explainer video. All you need to do is optimize your tweet with relevant hashtags, video thumbnail, and come up with the right description.
  3. Video Press Release – Press releases aren’t cliche, as a matter of fact, they are quite effective. If you can’t write your own video press release, you can contact professionals and allow them to do the work for you. Don’t forget to attach a link to your explainer video, at the top of the press release.
  4. Present the Video at Live Events – Sharing and promoting your video online is great, but you can’t forget about the real world and use the opportunities it offers. Another great idea to present your new explainer video is to bring it to your next live event or conference.
  5. Facebook Video Promotion – You can’t go wrong if you decide to use Facebook for promoting your new video. Before posting the video, make sure it is optimized for social news feed and don’t forget to link to your homepage.

Good luck!